Family criminal comedy

When three cops and a baby end up under one roof, fun is guaranteed

When three cops and a baby end up under one roof, fun is guaranteed. A Czech Television original series Poldové a nemluvně (The Cops and a Baby) adds the ups and downs of a typical Czech family to a classical criminal storyline. At the beginning, Karel Mlejnek, the head of the local criminal department, is retiring and has to put up with his new role of a retired man taking care of his grandchild. This makes happy his kind wife Vlasta, who’s been always looking forward to the moment when Karel has more time for his family. Karel’s elder son Kamil (Marek Němec) has taken on his dad’s duties at the department and it is actually Kamil’s daughter Eliška that Karel is supposed to take care of. He is not handling it very well and his policeman’s instincts always lead him to a case. Kamil’s wife Monika however appreciates that Karel has more time so she can continue with her studies interrupted due to her pregnancy. The youngest Mlejneks’ son, Petr, is also going to serve in the uniform one day, but right now, he doesn’t realize how much responsibility his future vocation implies. It is a mischievous fate that has made them live all under one roof and bump into each other continuously.

The objective of the script team lead by Tomáš Baldýnský (Kosmo) in The Cops and a Baby was to show the police work in a lighter form. The plot is situated in a small town where the police most frequently deals with missing persons and misadventures rather than brutal murders. Therefore, the protagonists of the kind stories of The Cops and a Baby are mainly passionate mushroom pickers, dedicated pigeon fanciers, amateur football players, grumpy firemen, town gossip, weddings and a bunch of comical misunderstandings. The directors are both experienced storytellers – Jan Bártek (Kosmo) and Radek Bajgar (Tiger Theory). The three cops are impersonated by Svatopluk Skopal as the father of the family, Karel Mlejnek, Marek Němec and Marek Adamczyk as his sons Kamil and Petr. Taťjana Medvecká is Vlasta and Jana Pidrmanová is Monika. An indispensable member of the team is the investigator Ruda, represented by Radek Holub.

Svatopluk Skopal, Taťjana Medvecká, Marek Němec, Marek Adamczyk, Jana Pidrmanová, Radek Holub

Tomáš Baldýnský, Jana Fleglová,
Tomáš Chvála, Barbora Podaná

Radek Bajgar, Jan Bártek

Petr Erben