Graduated from the Film and TV School at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (Production Department). Currently, he teaches courses at the same school in Písek. His production experience covers both film and TV, from news and current affairs via sport events and entertainment to cartoons and feature films. During the last 15 years, he’s been working in managing positions focused on TV and film production (executive producer in TV PRIMA, executive producer in the Czech TV, executive producer in TV NOVA, and CEO of MediaPro Pictures, once the exclusive producer of TV shows for TV NOVA). Despite this workload, he managed to find time to focus on production. His main credits have lately included the launch of the first Czech everyday series ULICE (The Street), series EXPOZITURA (The Precinct) and DOKONALÝ SVĚT (Perfect World), or the sitcom COMEBACK, ČESKO SLOVENSKÁ SUPERSTAR (Czech and Slovak Idol), and the feature film OKRESNÍ PŘEBOR-POSLEDNÍ ZÁPAS PEPÍKA HNÁTKA (County League – The Last Match of Pepik Hnátek). During the last three years, he succeeded as a producer in the TV series The Invisible Ones, the sit-com MARTA A VĚRA, the reality show VYVOLENÍ (The Chosen Ones), high society magazine TOP STAR and HOW TO BUILD A DREAM. Currently Petr produces the filming of the feature film TIGER THEORY, prepares a comedy series for Czech TV, and another series and DIY show for the TV PRIMA.


Having graduated from the medical faculty, he worked in his field of expertise until 1989. After the revolution, he began to write and take photographs for various newspapers and magazines. A year later he joined the REFLEX magazine as a documentary photographer, to become the editor-in-chief eventually. In 1994, he became the editor-in-chief of Current Affairs Department at TV NOVA, and co-author of the station’s key projects – OBČANSKÉ JUDO (Civil Judo) and NA VLASTNÍ OČI (What Our Eyes Saw). In 2003, he went freelance as a photographer, director, and writer. In 2005, together with Petr Erben, he created and realized the project ULICE (The Street). Between 2007 and 2012, he was in charge of new format development at TV NOVA, and helped create projects such as EXPOZITURA (The Precinct), DOKONALÝ SVĚT (The Perfect World), SOUKROMÉ PASTI (Private Pitfalls) etc., as creative producer. Since 2012, he’s been part of the LOGLINE PRODUCTION team, as the scriptwriter of the movie TEORIE TYGRA (The Tiger Theory) and scriptwriter/director of the TV series NEVIDITELNÍ (The Invisible Ones).

Martina Kábrt Maternová

Having finished studies of photography and then economics, she worked as the business director of Betasoft. Then, for over 13 years, she was the head of the financial department of Hachette Filipacchi, the publishing house for lifestyle-focused magazines. Then she founded her own travel agency, and is still involved in the financial business. Currently she’s the CFO of LOGLINE PRODUCTION.

Romana Brožková

Before studying at the Film and TV School of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, I worked for 2 years in the Czech TV as a production assistant, participating in the production of documents and educational movies.
During my studies at the Academy, I already became head of production of various film debuts of my classmates, or even teachers: Z. Tyc’s Vojtěch, řečený sirotek (Vojtěch, Called Orphan), J.Brabec’s Krvavý román (Horror Story) or O.Trojan’s Pějme píseň dohola (Let’s All Sing Around, as the assistant director). Having finished my studies, during which I cooperated with directors such as D.Ondříček or D.Sýs, I returned to actors films. After a year spent at P. Moravec’s ETIC (Underground by E. Kusturica, Years of the Wall by Margaret von Trotta) and a maternity leave, I switched to Czech production. After a brief cooperation with the Czech TV, commercials and documents (e.g. on Bohumil Hrabal, directed by P.Třazska), I started cooperating with private producers and directors, such as V. Marhoul at Silverscreen as the assistant director of
jako pomocná režisérka na filmu Mazaný Filip (Smart Philip) and T.Vorel, at Vorelfilm, as a head of production of Skřítek (The Elf), Gympl (The Can), Ulovit miliardáře (Catch the Billionaire) and Cesta do lesa (Road to the Woods). In 2005, Michal Reitler invited me to TV Nova to cooperate on the series Ulice (The Street); I was the head of production for 11 years, and during that time, I also made feature films for M.Šmídmajer’s Bio Ilusion as head of production (J.Mádl’s debut Pojedeme k moři (A Trip to the Seaside), D.Klein’s Básníci 7 (Poets 7) or M.Šmídmajer’s Celebrity s.r.o. (Celebrities Ltd.) After leaving the series Ulice in 2015, I started working for the companies of P.Erben, whom I met during the filming of Ulice (as its producer and founder). Here, I continue as executive producer of the series Jetelín and Černé vdovy (Black Widows) for FTV Prima (GoodTv) Poldové a nemluvně (Cops and a Baby) for the Czech TV (Logline).

Alena Smetanová

Graduated in TV and film production from the Film and TV School of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. For several years, she was the producer of the successful show NA VLASTNÍ OČI (What Our Eyes Saw) in the department of current affairs, TV NOVA.

Later she took part in production of all kinds of shows and projects, such as MR. GS, POKER STAR, ČESKÁ MISS 2009, SILVESTR 2010 - 2011, ŽIVOT POD ZÁMKEM or FARMA. Since 2012, she’s been involved in the production of the quiz show MŮŽEME DÁL? (Can We Enter?), the sitcom MARTA A VĚRA, or the live show MATTONI KOKETJL FESTIVAL 2013, produced for the Czech TV, for whom she also produced the sitcom KOSMO.

Since 2013 she’s been cooperating with GOOD TV PRODUCTION, SE. As the executive producer, she worked on Bolek Polívka’s talk show POLÍVKA NA VÍNĚ, the quiz show by Leoš Mareš QI: NA VŠE MÁME ODPOVĚĎ (QI: We’ve Got An Answer To Everything), or the social magazine TOP STAR. She also produced the live broadcasting KAPKA NADĚJE (A Drop of Hope).
Currently she’s an executive producer of the show VYCHYTÁVKY LÁDI HRUŠKY (The Tricks of Láďa Hruška).

Markéta Bruknerová

1988 – finished high school in Brandýs nad Labem
1990 -1997 – studied ethnology at Charles University
1992 – production assistant – co-production movie “Nexus” (KF a.s.)
1993 – 1999 – production of the following projects: video clips, music shows, multimedia projects (such as the Information Center of Dukovany), production of educational CD-ROM (Agentura INA s.r.o)
1994 – production assistant of the movie as.produkce na filmu „Má je pomsta“ (Revenge), directed by L.Zafranovič (Czech TV)
1999 – 2002 production of the following projects: „Praha – evropské město kultury 2000“ (Prague – European City of Culture 2000), exhibitions such as the permanent exhibition at the Petřín Tower, theater projects, manager of the band „O.Havelka a jeho Melody Makers“ (Agentura ECHO spol.s.r.o.)
2002 -2003 head of production – series „Hop nebo trop“ (Double or quits) directed by J.Chlumský (Czech TV)
2004 – head of production – actors educational movies on traffic safety for the Malina Foundation (2LANDA s.r.o)
2004 -2009 – head of production – commercials (Starobrno, DATART, Cetelem, Červený drak etc.), document „Tobrúk 1941“, short stories for the series „To nevymyslíš“ (You Wouldn’t Make That Up) for TV NOVA, co-producer’s assistant in the movies “Anděl Páně” (Angel of the Lord) directed by J.Strach, „Návrat čápů“ (Return of the Storks) directed by M.Repka (HOOD DOO Production)
From 2006 till 2010 regular cooperation with the Czech TV – head of production: series „Hop nebo trop II“ (Double or Quits 2) directed by J.Chlumský, short stories „3+1 s M.Donutilem“directed by F.Filip, TV movies: „Kanadská noc“ (Final Night) directed by Z.Zelenka, „Svědomí Denisy Klánové “ (The Conscience of Denisa Klánová) directed by M.Zábranský, „Rytmus v patách“ (Rhythm in the Heels) directed by A.Sedláčková, series „Cukrárna“ (Candy Store) directed by D.Klein
2010 – 2015 – head of production, later executive producer of the series „Ordinace v růžové zahradě 2“ (TV NOVA)
2016 – head of production – series „Jetelín“ (GOOD TV)"

Barbora Zelenková

She finished the Secondary School of Communication Technology (class of technology and organization) and then she graduated from a business college. She started in the film industry as a runner, then production assistant, assistant director and assistant to producers. Between 2009 and 2015, she worked on numerous films and TV series, such as Habermannův mlýn (Habermann’s Mill), Sukničkáři (The Don Juans), Crossing Lines, Vejška (Uni), Případ pro exorcistu (The Exorcist’s Case), Vybíjená (Dodgeball), The Musketeers, The Zookeeper’s Wife, and several commercials. Currently she works for GoodTV.


Po vystudování ekonomie odjel studovat a sbírat zkušenosti do australského Sydney. S jeho návratem do ČR je spojena práce v oblasti marketingu pro vydavatelství Hachette Filipacchi. Poté se věnoval hudební produkce ve společnosti Pinkdot, následně byl zaměstnán jako projektový manažer ve společnosti Unagi.

V současné době je členem týmu Logline.